CAT Tutor

Born in Yorkshire, Martha started dancing at the age of 4 in a variety of dance styles, until she found contemporary dance at the age of 14 when she gained a place on both the CAT Scheme at NSCD and Phoenix Dance Theatre's Youth Academy. During this time she performed at the 2012 Olympic torch ceremony in Leeds and as a community dancer in Filip Van Huffel's 'Layers of Skin' in Nottingham. Martha started her professional studies at 16 completing the FCCD, BPA(Hons) and MA courses at NSCD which provided opportunities to work with many artists such as, Hagit Yakira, Joss Arnott and James Cousins.

Since graduating she has been enjoying life as a freelancer, working with companies such as Avant Garde Dance Company and in dance film 'Born&Bread' with Rosental&Co. In 2017 Martha returned full circle by becoming a tutor on NSCD’s CAT scheme.