PGDip ALTHE course structure - Northern School of Contemporary Dance
Arts Based Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education
PGLT1 (30 credits) Core module – Autumn and Spring Term Year 1

You will develop a critical awareness of problems and insights at the forefront of Higher Education teaching and learning. There is a focus on defining the professional role and practice of the teacher, and on the application of pedagogy. You will gain a systematic understanding of learner support, effective teaching and learning styles, resource management, inclusivity and more via evaluation and reflection of your own workplace practice.

Curriculum and Assessment Design in Higher Education
PGLT2 (30 credits) Optional module – Summer term Year 1

This module gives you an opportunity to bring a mixture of originality and established techniques to the application of knowledge. You will learn how to apply action research methodologies to adjust or devise curriculum models, looking at how academic frameworks facilitate quality assurance. In connection with your professional role, you will examine the rationale and strategic design of modules in line with various institutional and national frameworks.

Professional Practice
PGLT4 (30 credits) Core module – Autumn term Year 2

A period of professional practice inspired by the debate and discovery of Year 1, during which NSCD will perform two formal observations. You will have access to a peer learner group for support throughout.

You will need to identify a mentor at the application stage, who will advise and support you in areas such as teaching methodology, assessment, feedback, conflict resolution and action research, as well as providing formative feedback following observations.

By the end of the professional practice module, you will be able to confidently demonstrate your competence in the following areas:

  • Using clear, specific planning and organisation to achieve aims and objectives
  • Incorporating Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning styles and differentiation techniques to meet students’ needs and abilities
  • Adopting consistent behavioural management and effective feedback to ensure a secure learning environment
  • Creating simulating sessions to ensure student engagement and motivation
  • Using review and reflection to identify opportunities for development

Independent Action Research Project
PGLT5 (30 credits) Core module – Spring and Summer term Year 2

You will undertake a substantial action research project, either independently or collaboratively, with a specialised topic relevant to your field of study. This enables you to investigate in depth an aspect of teaching or learner support which interests you, and is likely to be drawn from experiences encountered through an earlier aspect of the course. We will introduce you to an ethics code of practice to support the research activity.