NSCD welcomes international applicants and we are committed to improving accessibility to our auditions for applicants from further afield. We hold auditions in Europe and also offer a remote audition through submission of a DVD, sending a URL link to your YouTube upload or sending a Vimeo link.   Full information about applying and auditioning for 2018 Entry will be available on our APPLY page by August  2017.

Akshay Sharma, an undergraduate student from New Dehli said, ‘An online (remote) audition worked very well for me. I had the support of people who had been through such a process and helped me make the videos for what was asked of me. I think one of the biggest reasons that NSCD started to appeal to me was because of staff support. The whole thing was very new and different for me I was in touch with Kate Kramers (Admissions Manager) over e-mails and over the phone conversations helped a lot. I think without her support it would have been very difficult.

I was planning to fly to Leeds for the auditions. I am so glad that my teachers guided me to do the video audition. I guess for me personally money was a big consideration and I think it was really cheap as compared to flying here and visa costs and everything else. I got a call from Janet Smith (Artistic Director and Principal) and I think that was pretty chilled. It was just a talk and not an interview as such. She made sure I was very comfortable and she was very friendly.