Overseas Auditions

Applications for September 2019 entry open in October 2018. Check back for more information about overseas auditions when it becomes available in September 2018.

NSCD Overseas Workshops

By booking an overseas audition you will automatically be invited to attend a 1 day workshop which will take place the day before the audition and will be free of charge.

The workshop will include tasks and activities which will be encountered in the audition.

  1. What are we looking for in auditioning potential future dance artists? How do we see and assess this? – Discussion around the criteria and process used for selection.
  2. Improvisation – how do you respond with a sense of play, and enquiry around specific tasks or movement ideas? How can you demonstrate understanding of the task through your responses? How can you ensure that you respond authentically and stay with the concept or proposition presented?
  3. Work with voice – how do you overcome anxiety about using the voice? How can you ensure that you respond to tasks with every physical resource available to you?
  4. Technique sessions – how can you pick-up the ‘important’ aspects of the material? How can you show your individuality and creative flair and performance quality in technique classes?
  5. Solo – what do we look for in the solo? What makes an engaging performer?
  6. Critical thinking – why do we at NSCD believe that critical thinking is important for a dance artist? How can we see your capacity for critical thought in the audition?
  7. Verbal presentation – how can you deal with the pressure of a conversation or discussion in interview?
  8. Group work – why do we at NSCD believe that the ability to relate to others and work in groups important for a professional dancer? How can you work effectively with others?

How to apply and book an audition

Applicants from both overseas and the UK are required to complete a simple online application form, select their chosen audition (venue, type and date), and pay the audition fee by PayPal. Applicants can then attend their audition or submit a remote video audition online.  Full details for each course, including what to prepare are available on our APPLY pages

How to apply

Akshay Sharma, an undergraduate student from New Dehli talks about his positive audition experience:

“An online (remote) audition worked very well for me. I had the support of people who had been through such a process and helped me make the videos for what was asked of me. I think one of the biggest reasons that NSCD started to appeal to me was because of staff support. The whole thing was very new and different for me so I was in touch with Kate Kramers (Admissions Manager) over e-mails and over phone conversations which helped a lot.

I was planning to fly to Leeds for the auditions. I am so glad that my teachers guided me to do the video audition. I guess for me personally money was a big consideration and I think it was really cheap as compared to flying here and visa costs and everything else. I got a call from Janet Smith (Artistic Director and Principal) and I think that was pretty chilled. It was just a talk and not an interview as such. She made sure I was very comfortable and she was very friendly.”