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Admissions Policy

NSCD has a responsibility to provide a secure, safe environment for staff, students, visitors and others, and must balance this alongside any legal requirements, such as those to protect vulnerable individuals. As a result, at the point of making an offer to an applicant, where an applicant has indicated they may have a relevant criminal conviction to disclose, NSCD will request further information about the conviction.

Having a criminal record is not a bar to training at NSCD, and the School welcomes applications from all individuals. Applicants should note that the School has some programmes which require an enhanced DBS check, and in certain cases whilst not preventing an individual from training with NSCD, this may preclude them from undertaking certain pathways. Whilst the NSCD Application Form asks applicants to indicate whether they may have a relevant criminal conviction to disclose (without disclosing any details), where an applicant indicates this, such indications will not form part of the auditions decision-making process. NSCD will not request any specific details until the point of making an offer to an applicant, and applicants should not disclose any specific details until requested to do so by the School. Convictions which are deemed spent under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, should not be disclosed by applicants under any circumstances. However, where successful applicants become registered students of NSCD, if they wish to undertake modules and/or placements which involve an enhanced DBS check (i.e. teaching modules or modules where you are likely to be working in unsupervised environments with minors or vulnerable adults), applicants should be aware that spent convictions deemed as ‘exceptions’ under the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 may be disclosed.

NSCD will process any information relating to a criminal record in line with the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama’s policy on disclosure of criminal convictions, which will be published on the website during the 2017-18 academic year and before offers are made.

For independent advice and support regarding criminal convictions, applicants may wish to contact the charity UNLOCK who also have the following tools and guidance:

The Disclosure Calculator (for calculating when convictions become spent)
‘Is it spent?’ poster (with information about when convictions become spent)

Admissions Appeals & Complaints Policy & Procedure

Academic misconduct

The BA and MA courses at NSCD are validated by the University of Kent. Any matters of Academic misconduct will be conducted according to the procedures set out in Annex 10 of The University of Kent’s Credit Framework: Academic Discipline Procedures (

University of Kent Regulations

Conservatoire Data Processing Statement 2017-18

CDD B10 Working with Others Handbook 2017-18

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