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Our courses prepare students for a demanding and competitive profession. The training is therefore suitably rigorous and challenging, requiring a high level of commitment and determination. Students are encouraged to become pro-active, independent and collaborative artists. Full-time courses in contemporary dance are offered at foundation, degree and postgraduate diploma/MA level. The following summaries briefly outline the courses. Detailed information about each course can be found by clicking on the course title.

Foundation Course in Contemporary Dance

NSCD’s Foundation Course is recognised nationally for laying the foundations for further in-depth professional training. It provides an insight into the three year full-time training and has an excellent record for helping students to access conservatoire training and Higher Education. Approximately 80% of students go on to further dance training, with around half of those continuing at NSCD. Students have also recently gone on to study sports science and physiotherapy, and to train in other countries.

BPA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance

A full-time three-year programme focused on the development of versatile and individual dance artists with highly tuned technical, creative and performance skills. Students learn through rigorous studio-based practice involving sensory, kinetic, conceptual, musical and collaborative exploration. Learning is underpinned by key elements of theoretical and contextual study and students are encouraged to be open and enquiring. Improvisation, devising, choreographing and directing, rehearsal and performance are core learning processes that students will experience.

Postgraduate Diploma/MA in Contemporary Dance

This one-year full-time programme provides an opportunity for graduates of vocational training courses, or dance artists with some experience, to undertake extensive professional development whilst refining their skills and artistry. The Postgraduate Diploma comprises two programme pathways, with students choosing between: Verve, the Postgraduate Performance Company; or the Postgraduate Apprenticeship Scheme. Students of either pathway may then choose to progress on to the MA stage of the programme.


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