Technique and Performance Practice

BPA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance

Technique and Performance Practice develops anatomically-informed movement awareness in students and instils safe practice.  Through a range of technique classes and other physical practices, students learn to understand their natural movement range, to extend range and mobility and increase co-ordination, strength and stamina.  Incrementally students learn the skills required to become highly tuned, articulate, musical and expressively nuanced performers, in preparation for the broad-ranging physical and performative demands within the professional field of contemporary dance.  

Technique and Performance Practice encompasses a range of contemporary techniques and bodywork, including Cunningham and Graham influenced classes, and other more hybrid, evolved techniques; as well as release-based somatic practice, ballet, improvisation and contact work. Yoga, body conditioning and fitness training are also included, as complementary physical practices for dancers.

Additionally, there is an on-going programme of national and international visiting professional teachers across the three years, continually introducing students to different teaching methods and styles.

To address both differing levels of experience and learning styles, NSCD operates both a streaming system and mixed ability classes, within year groups. Progress and application are continuously monitored to ensure that students’ individual needs are met and coaching sessions may take place at different points in the year for all three years of the course.

Repertoire classes focus on the analysis, conceptual understanding and physical mastery and embodiment of a range of choreography and movement styles.

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