Auditions Covid Safety - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Auditions - Covid Safety Protocol


We’ve put the following protocols in place to ensure our in-person auditions are as safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about auditioning in our building, please contact our admissions team at

If for any reason you are unable to audition in person, we are still accepting Stage 2 Auditions online.

1. As good practice we encourage you to take part in either a Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test or a PCR test where this is offered locally before embarking on your journey to Leeds and the school.

2. Please do not attend the audition if you, or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19, or have been instructed to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.  You should contact if you are unable to attend and alternative steps to proceed with your application will be arranged.  

3. On arrival you will be requested to scan the NSCD coronavirus NHS QR code using the NHS COVID-19 app; please ensure that you have this app installed on your phone. This is to help trace any instance of the virus and stop the spread.

4. Temperatures will be taken on arrival to our building. We will ask you to use the hand sanitiser from the dispensers onsite or you may use your own.

5. Masks will need to be worn at all times in the building.  Please ensure that you bring a different mask to the audition from the one you use when travelling to the site. Exemption from wearing masks will only be considered for those with existing medical conditions.

6. Certain on-site facilities, such as the café and changing rooms, will not be available and so you will need to bring your own refreshments and wear your dance clothing under your outdoor clothing. Toilet facilities will, of course, be available, with hygiene protocols in place.

7. Family, friends or partners will not be able to access the building.  We are also unable to offer our usual tour of the building but our facilities can be viewed online via our virtual tour here.

We look forward to meeting you.