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fuelling young dancers
This event has now ended

Monday 30th September 2019
Northern School of Contemporary Dance

A joint project between Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) & Leeds Children & Young People’s Eating Disorders Service.

This free event will include specialist food and nutrition advice and will provide a key understanding of dance as an elite sport.

We all know that good nutrition is key in the growth and development of the bodies and brains of young people, and this is even more so for young dancers. This session is for parents, teachers and young people who wish to understand why young dancers need to fuel their bodies, nutritional advice of how to achieve this and a greater understanding of physical and mental changes that can occur if the body is under ‘fuelled’.

The evening will include:

  • Head of Learning & Participation (NSCD) - Introduction to the session & NSCD’s research within its youth provision.
  • Health & Well-being Coordinator (NSCD) – Contextualizing the background to this partnership including the research & development of Health & Well-being support at NSCD
  • Centre for Advanced Training Graduate – The ‘lived experience’, understanding the journey of a young person through intensive dance training.
  • Leeds Children & Young People’s Eating Disorders Service – Advice and guidance on nutrition, awareness of effects that this can have on the body & mind, dispelling myths around foods & understanding of signs and symptoms of eating disorders.
  • Q & A