Financial Assistance: Student Application Form - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Financial Assistance: Student Application Form

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Are you a new or returning student?(Required)
Are you a home fee-paying or overseas fee-paying student?(Required)
Are you a care leaver?(Required)
In relation to student finance, a care leaver is defined as a young person who meets all of the below criteria:
  • They have been in the care of, or have been given accommodation by, their local authority
  • Their time in care lasted at least 13 weeks
  • Their time in care ended after they turned 16
  • They have not returned to the care of their parent(s) prior to the first day of the first academic year of their course
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Are you an independent student or estranged? (Check guidance below)(Required)
You're classed as an independent student if:
  • you're 25 or older
  • you have a child
  • you have no living parents
  • you are or have been married or in a civil partnership
  • you've supported yourself for three years
  • you're estranged from your parents
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Have you applied for a loan through the Student Loan Company (SFE, SAAS, SFW, SFNI)?(Required)
If you have applied for a maintenance loan, have you selected ‘Consent to share’ on the Student Finance Portal?(Required)
This enables us to verify your household income and therefore make this process quicker. Before making awards, we will need to verify household income, if you cannot do this through a student finance portal we will be in touch to confirm the required documentation to enable us to assess your application.

Household Income

NSCD financial assistance is awarded based on need through the verification of household income and taking into account personal circumstances
Please indicate to the best of your knowledge your current household income per annum:(Required)