Becci Williams - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Company Dancer at Motionhouse

After graduating from NSCD in July 2010, Becci worked as a freelance dancer and teacher on a number of projects with Harnich Lacey Dance Theatre, Company Decalage, Watkins Dance, WSP and Joon Dance.

“The best thing I've learnt throughout my career is to never stop learning. There's always more skills to help you develop as an artist whatever kind of artist you may be.”

"Don't wait for opportunities, make opportunities!" (Andile Sotiya) 

The highlight of my freelance career was actually doing my own work, under the name ‘Dirty Feet’. Myself and a friend held international break dance events, taught classes, found residencies and funding all to allow us to make and perform our own work.

After a fun two years of being freelance, Becci joined Motionhouse in 2011 where she’s spent the past few years creating and touring the world with a number a different shows.

When I auditioned for Motionhouse I knew there and then it was the company for me. I loved the performance quality of all the Motionhouse dancers in the audition that they were trying to draw out of the auditionees. Being with Motionhouse not only pushes your physical boundaries as a dancer but challenges you as a performer and constantly throws new and daring challenges at you. I never thought i would one day be learning Chinese pole and trapeze, dancing on a JCB or vertically off a 50 meter high wall. We work hard but also have a lot of fun and I think it’s important to keep loving what you do.

We are lucky to tour a lot with Motionhouse, indoors and outdoors, and essentially that is what it’s all about, but still only a small percentage of your career you are actually on stage. Having so many different shows in our repertoire keeps those performances alive for us as it’s always swapping and changing.