Tiia Ourila - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


PPS & Careers Co-ordinator and Lecturer in Performance

Postgraduate Diploma in Dance Training and Education

Role and responsibilities:

  • Contemporary technique
  • Fitness for dancers
  • Careers sessions and planning
  • Performance practice
  • Support and organise the PPS students in placements and plan their activities at NSCD
  • Assess the PPS students in their placements and performance


“I am always interested in creating and working with a playful and curious approach to movement, physicality and mind set. Curiosity drives and inspires the search for movement, enabling the discovery for full movement potential the body offers. Creating awareness of the internal space, how our being and moving can be enriched by images to encourage freedom, spaciousness and expression into movement. Communicating through movement whilst connecting with space and people invites humanity, vibrancy and alertness into dancing. Involving the whole self with the work.”

Career History

Tiia Ourila trained at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and has worked with Jazz xchange (Sharon Wray), Eske Holm (Denmark) Phoenix Dance Theatre, Beth Cassani and Mad Dogs Dance Theatre. She has taught professional company classes across the UK and Europe, including, Phoenix Dance Theatre, New Adventures, Scottish Dance Theatre, Skånes Dans Teater and DV8.

Tiia founded the following :

  • RODA in 2004 , a research and development project, creating a platform for professionals and students to research and develop their practice together
  • Mad Dogs Dance Theatre, acting as an Assistant Artistic Director and Rehearsal Director
  • Barking Productions (2014)

Professional Activity and Research Interests

  • Embodied Dancer Pro 60 Dance-specific yoga teacher training (Spring 2016)
  • Feldenkrais (attend workshops regularly)
  • Yoga Teacher Training, at Yoga Kula Leeds, to be completed by Summer 2019

Choreographic Artefacts

Ourila, T (2015), ‘It’s a joke, Its game, It’s a dream, It’s a rhyme, It’s a perfect crime’. Dance performance 2015, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Riley Theatre, Foundation Course

Ourila, T (2011). ‘Trespassing’. Dance Performance. ACE Youth. Birmingham

Ourila, T (2017), ‘Star Dust’. Dance Performance 2017, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Riley Theatre, 1st Year Students