Darren Carr - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Darren Carr, Director of Studies, NSCD

JUMP IN: Can the creation of an integrated peer learning community in real time and through the virtual landscapes become a valuable learning tool within a Conservatoire setting?

External partner: Dr Pauline Brooks, Liverpool John Moores University

This project explores the application and potential of an educational model entitled an in-reaching community of practice (Carr, 2012).  Building on an exploratory project with LJMU using facetime, Skype and Adobe connect, this project trials multi-screen video conference software Visimeet. The research investigates the value and significance of peer learning through a creative paradigm in both the real time and across the virtual landscape (telematics, Brooks 2012). It will integrate two ‘companies’ (mixed year cohorts) of students working as one, despite being 80 miles apart. The research aims to:

  • Apply a constructivist research paradigm to create and measure a model of practice as being a valuable pedagogical tool for teachers & students, working apart in different spaces, as co-authors in the creation of a dance work
  • Analyze what new insights this model of practice can bring to the enrichment of students’ development as artists and identify what impact this has on curriculum development, as well as learning and teaching
  • Challenge the traditional perception that learning takes place in discreet ‘educational year groups’ and encourage cross-institutional learning collaborations
  • Explore the shared potential for application/subject development across the Conservatoire group in future applications.