Dr. James Else - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Dr James Else, Head of Creative and Contextual Studies, NSCD

Virtually There: Exploring the possibilities afforded by new virtual reality technology in exploring, recording and interacting with movement patterns in 3D space

External partners: Jennifer-Lynn Crawford, Dance Artist and Ben Skinner, Dance and Visual Artist

This project aims to do curiosity-driven research based around the emerging medium of virtual reality using two pieces of technology: the HTC Vive, which allows movement in a 5x5m space, and the Google Tilt Brush which allows the user to draw within this space.

3D artists (the intended market for this technology) have described the experience of immersing themselves in this space as “more like a dance”. What is most effective in this medium is currently unknown, and one of the key aims of this project is to investigate what the artistically compelling uses of this technology might be.

The research process entails open exploration looking at how trained movement practitioners interact with this technology and virtual space, and refining one or more of these investigations ready to share the research findings.