Fabiano Culora - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Fabiano Culora, Lecturer in Performance and Bodywork Supervisor, NSCD

Orientation Score – Embodied Relational Practice for Interdisciplinary Performers

The aim of this project is to develop further a mode of performance training and practice entitled Orientation Score – an improvisation challenging the notion of ‘neutrality’. It intends to train adaptability in the complexity of how a performer stays connected (grounded, present, aware) to themselves in relation to other/s and environment. This will be analysed predominantly within the context of studio working practice and developing sustainable performative presence, working with participants from different schools and disciplines.

The research will consider the following questions:

  • Can the emotional, relational practices developed in Orientation Score translate beyond discipline specific focus/process?
  • How do we (a working ensemble) codify the collective identity of the ‘performer’?
  • Is the language used in the facilitation process discipline dependent – or is there a language for the work which lends itself to the transdisciplinary?
  • Can an undercurrent of therapeutic consciousness that seeks to have ethics in mind provide another way of ‘holding’ art-making in global perception?