How to Apply: CertHE Contemporary Urban Dance - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

How to apply

Thank you for your interest in the Certificate of Higher Education (CertHE) in Contemporary Urban Dance at NSCD for September 2020 entry.

Applications for this course close at midday on 31st May 2020.

We audition all applicants and our audition process is designed to assess your potential as a dance artist and your suitability for our courses.  We welcome all applicants regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religion.

Visit the Course Information page for full details of the course and the entry requirements.

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Video auditions

Due to the impact of coronavirus/COVID-19 we are now asking all applicants to audition by video and submit links to video footage as part of their application.

We have reviewed our audition content in view of the fact you may not have have access to a dance studio at this present moment. Please read What NSCD is looking for in potential students (Urban) (click to open pdf)

What does the video audition involve?

You will need to submit 5 links in total, one for each of the sections listed below. You will be asked to enter your links towards the end of the application form.

You can start and save your application and return to it at any time.

The final submission date is 31 May 2020.

Click here to view audition content as a pdf

1. Urban Dance Technique (7 minutes max)

This can be drawn from examples of one or more styles (Hip Hop – any style, Street, African, Vogue, carnival etc. including extracts from warm-up sequences, standing work, floor work and travelling, contact or partner work).

Please note: for the purpose of style, you may present a video where you are dancing with
up to two other people, providing you clearly identify who you are in the video and that you can be seen clearly.


2. Contemporary Dance Technique

Learn and record yourself doing just Phrase 1 (standing) as demonstrated in the following link:

Please note: You are not required to learn and submit the other phrases shown in this YouTube link.

3. Solo Dance (1 min 30 secs max)

This should include elements of contemporary urban dance and preferably be choreographed yourself. If you do not currently have access to a studio you may need to re-create your solo, or adapt an existing solo to a new setting

4. Creative/Improvisation task (2 mins max)

In order to assess your creative skills and ability to respond to instruction we ask that you explore the following task, which should take approximately 20 minutes in total. You only need to submit video footage of the final section.

Preparation (you do not need to video these sections)

Improvise exploring different movement qualities starting with the image of water, then ice, then fire. Focus on the different physical qualities each image creates. You should also think about the use of levels, and the scale of movement –  are you exploring movement in the whole body or a specific part of the body only? Revisit each scenario and allow yourself to add physical/verbal sound to support and enhance the qualities of your movement.

Footage to record

Use the information developed through the task above to inform a 2 minute (maximum) recorded improvisation in which you embody the different qualities of these ideas in any order you choose.

5. Footage of you talking to camera (3 mins max)

This should include:

a) The reasons why you have chosen to audition at NSCD.
b) The relevance of the course to your aspirations and needs.
c) Your understanding of what the course involves.
d) Examples of your motivation and commitment to pursuing a career in dance.


The audition fee is £50, or £20 with code URBAN20, which is payable through our Box Office online once you have submitted your application and video links. We are unable to process applications until payment has been made.

NSCD is an affiliate of The Conservatoire for Dance and Drama who offer a number of audition fee waivers, to undergraduate applicants from the UK with low household income who may struggle to find the funds for the application/audition fee.

Click here for full details of Undergraduate Audition Fee Waiver Scheme (pdf)

Need more information?

For any further queries, please contact NSCD Admissions Team:
T: 0113 219 3050