How to Do Stuff - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

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The internet is full to the brim with millions of how-to videos. How to dance. How to juggle. How to play chess. How to mow the lawn. How to walk like a pageant queen.

MUSIC: Danny Templeman (except for Cobbler by Christy Lothian)

COSTUME: Andi Walker

PERFORMERS: Aeron Preston, Amber Howells, Bethany Curry, Christy Lothian, Colette Kite, Ed Mitchell, George Swattridge, Georgia Marshall, Gerard Headley, Kitty Denton, Laura Goodwin, Louis Thato Partridge, Niamh Milligan, Nicole Nevitt, Reynaldo Santos, Rose Lewis, Shannon Dray, Zoe Letellier

Please note: contains explicit language