The Horse in the Hallway - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

“‘The horse in the hallway and the children who went north‘ is a film made in lockdown. We have recorded our everyday surroundings and twisted and edited the images and sounds into psychedelic new worlds. It’s rollercoaster, a visual and sonic version of our reality, encompassing our experience of never meeting, and of leaving without ceremony…it has been surreal, heartbreaking, lonely and hilarious.”

Eleanor Sikorski

Eleanor Sikorski

Anastasia Sheldon, Billy Keen, Chana Joyce, Charis Crudgington, Andrew Gibson, Duja Sinada, Edgars Naglis, Emily Colton, Kevin Julianto, Maximilian Revell, Mette Nilsen, Molly Press, Naomi Gregory, Omar Stone, Polly Constance, Samantha Mould, Thilde Hedegaard Andreasen