At the Riley Theatre

company mek | father politics
This event has now ended

Friday 1st December 2023

Acclaimed hip hop/contemporary collective Company MEK present their explosive new work Father Politics.

Father Politics unmasks the recent polarisation in politics, and the manipulation of truth in the media. Performed by a multinational, diverse ensemble – this dynamic work explores feelings of powerlessness from a personal perspective - when you can't connect and don‘t feel represented.

Led by Muhammed Kaltuk, Swiss Company MEK blend innovative hip hop and contemporary dance with a distinctive socio-political voice.

Running time: 60 mins

Suitable for ages 12+

Tickets:£15 (£12)

"“Combining powerful, skilful solos with the concentrated energy of perfectly synchronized group elements, the company unmasks patterns of political thought with virtuoso dance.“ " – BZ Basel

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About the choreographer

Muhammed Kaltuk
Choreographer Muhammed Kaltuk was born in Switzerland to a conservative Turkish family. In an effort to break out of his upbringing, Kaltuk made a name for himself in the Swiss Hip Hop scene. At the age of 22 he had his first production experience and immediately saw it as an opportunity to find his own voice, to artistically deal with the world. At the age of 25 he began his dance education at the Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz in Zurich, with the aim of further developing his Hip Hop practice, but also driven to discover other qualities and styles. There, he discovered a passion for creating material with others. His work is often socially critical,  personal and political, all at once.

His awareness of the world around him fills him with passion to seek change and improvement. Fusing Hip Hop and Contemporary he appeals to all ages, especially to those who otherwise do not feel seen, heard or represented in the theatre space.