At the Riley Theatre, NSCD Events

flock fest 2024 – uneasy speakeasy
This event has now ended

Saturday 23rd March 2024
Student-run event

You have been invited to join us at our covert jazz bar, in true speakeasy style, surreptitiously disguised as an unassuming launderette. For one night only, witness absorbing and dynamic entertainment: an expressive live jazz band, an iconic drag queen, and a range of exciting student performances, all while you enjoy the evening with class and cocktails.

This is our space to be, whatever we can be. Embrace the captivating, and indulge all the sensations that are within our grasp. For this moment, we are what we want to be, and cannot be stopped. Surely chaos like this will be perfection?

So join us... we dare you.

Suitable for ages 18+

Please note: Photography will be taken during this event.

Each year second year BA (Hons) students at NSCD curate, produce and promote their own arts festival. This year FlockFest presents Uneasy Speakeasy.

Tickets:Pay what you decide