Equilibrio Dinamico | GOLD: The Journey of Light - Riley Theatre

At the Riley Theatre

equilibrio dinamico | gold: the journey of light

Saturday 29th April 2023

Ten dancers. Four works. Junior Italian company Equilibrio Dinamico presents new works by Imre van Opstal, Guy Shomroni, Roberta Ferrara and Pablo Girolami.

Gold is the symbol of abundance, its bright light features heavily throughout the history of human creativity. Usually associated with the sun, warmth and strength, the colour is anything but static. It pulses with an inner energy and vibrance.

In this bill of solos, duets and group choreographies, we see the colour gold explored in all its various meanings and associations.

Equilibrio Dinamico Ensemble celebrates 10 years with a special evening of dance.

Tickets:£12 (£8)

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