In conversation with... Uchenna Dance's Vicki Igbokwe - Riley Theatre

We caught up with Vicki Igbokwe, choreographer and founder of Uchenna Dance, and asked about the ideas and inspirations behind her latest family dance adventure Hansel & Gretel. See it at Riley Theatre on Sat 14 March!

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This month you’re bringing a retelling of the famous fairy tale Hansel & Gretel to Leeds – why did you choose this particular story?

This retelling of Hansel & Gretel takes all of the best bits of the classic fairy-tale and reimagines it in a modern-day setting. One of my favourite things about the fairy tale was how brave, courageous and resilient the two children were in their attempt to get back to their family – and for me this is still very much at the heart of this production.


How is this retelling different to the original?

Hansel and Gretel have been on a long journey to get to London and consequently get separated from their family. From here we follow the two young heroes as they try to get back to where they belong, whilst overcoming some obstacles that would even have some adults quaking in their boots!

What can young children and their grown-ups expect to see on the day?

A dance show full of grooves, moves and lots of laughs. For me, this brings a sense of fun and puts a twist on the show that just makes you smile!


What are the main messages or themes behind the show?

For me, the production contains some really important messages and I want the show to celebrate young people, by putting them centre stage and empowering all of the young people in the audience to be brave, bold and courageous.


If you had to describe your show in 3 words what would you pick?

Brave, bold, courageous.

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