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2021 Repertoire

In 2021 Olivier award-winning dance theatre maker, BOTIS SEVA, will return to VERVE to restage his 2019/2020 VERVE creation, White Lies. VERVE’s exceptional dancers will also tackle brand new works by award-winning choreographer and lighting designer BARNABY BOOTH, NDCWales resident choreographer CAROLINE FINN, and VERVE Artistic Director MATTHEW ROBINSON.

Fourteen dancers. Four distinct, exhilarating works. See where dance is now and where it may go next.

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White Lies by Botis Seva

“It’s one thing to question your mind; it’s another to question your eyes and ears. But, then again, isn’t it all the same? Our senses just mediocre inputs to our brain? Sure, we rely on them, trust they accurately portray the real world around us, but what if the haunting truth is they can’t? That what we perceive isn’t the real world at all, but just our mind’s best guess? That all we really have is a garbled reality, a truly fuzzy picture we will never make out?” – Elliot Alderson

Acclaimed dance theatre maker Botis Seva draws from his hip-hop background to craft a physical language that is distinctly his own. Set to a pulsating original score by Torben Lars Sylvest, White Lies is full of contrast, unrestrained physical power and poetic delicacy.

White Lies was created in 2019 for the VERVE 2020 tour. Due to Covid-19 the 2020 tour was sadly suspended. We are delighted to be able to present this thrilling work on tour in 2021.

2020 Repertoire

White Lies Choreographer: Botis Seva

Shelter Choreographer: Lali Ayguadé

FAST LOVE AND A CRASH Choreographer: Mari Carrasco

Send in the Clowns Choreographer: Douglas Thorpe

2019 Repertoire

TEAM V Choreographer: Joan Clevillé in collaboration with the dancers

4:18 Choreographer: Maxine Doyle

Shutdown Choreographer: Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof

the sea tells a story Choreographer: Ben Wright

2018 Repertoire

NEVERSINK Choreographer: Matthew Robinson

Riders Choreographer: Lenka Vagnerová

wolf Choreographer: Hannes Langolf

NOBODY ‘CEPT YOU Choreographer: Sita Ostheimer

2017 Repertoire

Rita Choreographer: Carlos Pons Guerra

Continuum Choreographer: Leila McMillan (concept and direction) in collaboration with the performers

Soft Power Generator Choreographer: Matthias Sperling (concept and direction) in collaboration with the performers

A Fable of Our Time Choreographer: James Cousins