Repertoire - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

2023 Repertoire

The Garden by KOR’SIA

Taking the idea of the Garden as a starting point, choreographers Antonio de Rosa and Mattia Russo have reimagined it as a space for synesthesia – where the senses become blended and the distinctions between them blurred. With the potential to tell universal stories, The Garden becomes a microcosm in the truest sense, containing the outside world and reflecting it back to us in miniature.

An Evening With… by Jamaal Burkmar

Vintage soul and funk combine in a tribute to the 1970s, reviving the sounds, colours and textures of this iconic decade with a modern-day twist. As we glide through the performance, you’re invited to lose yourself in the groove.

No endings and no beginnings by Faye Tan

A burst of a climax, followed by a hypnotic afterglow. In this new commission from dance artist Faye Tan the dancers tune in to cathartic experiences of sensation and rhythm, perpetually striving to uncover the next feeling.

2022 Repertoire

Vertical Road By Akram Khan

Blackbird By Alesandra Seutin

The Unbearable By Sita Ostheimer

2021 Repertoire

White Lies Choreographer: Botis Seva

Love to Destroy Choreographer: Matthew Robinson

The Quiet Ones Choreographer: Caroline Finn

Private Little Films Choreographer: Barnaby Booth

2020 Repertoire

White Lies Choreographer: Botis Seva

Shelter Choreographer: Lali Ayguadé

FAST LOVE AND A CRASH Choreographer: Mari Carrasco

Send in the Clowns Choreographer: Douglas Thorpe

2019 Repertoire

TEAM V Choreographer: Joan Clevillé in collaboration with the dancers

4:18 Choreographer: Maxine Doyle

Shutdown Choreographer: Noa Zuk and Ohad Fishof

the sea tells a story Choreographer: Ben Wright

2018 Repertoire

NEVERSINK Choreographer: Matthew Robinson

Riders Choreographer: Lenka Vagnerová

wolf Choreographer: Hannes Langolf

NOBODY ‘CEPT YOU Choreographer: Sita Ostheimer

2017 Repertoire

Rita Choreographer: Carlos Pons Guerra

Continuum Choreographer: Leila McMillan (concept and direction) in collaboration with the performers

Soft Power Generator Choreographer: Matthias Sperling (concept and direction) in collaboration with the performers

A Fable of Our Time Choreographer: James Cousins