"Dancing enables me to be a more open and malleable being to the world around me, by moving my life experiences through my body, mind, and soul."

Annarose Atamian is a 21 year-old independent dance artist based in Leeds, United Kingdom. Annarose grew up in the United States, starting their dance training at the age of 7 at Oklahoma Performing Arts, Tulsa, OK. After receiving their High School diploma, they began their Bachelor’s degree at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they worked with choreographers such as Jason McDole, Judith Liefer-Bentz and Pearlann Porter.

After completing her second year at Point Park, Annarose transferred to Northern School of Contemporary Dance, in Leeds, where she graduated with a First Class Honours degree. They worked with choreographers such as Rhiannon Faith, Ben Wright, Joseph Mercier, and Imogen Reeve.