"I dance so I can give form to otherwise inexpressible things, allowing me to explore the unknown whilst keeping my two feet on the ground. Dancing has formed me as much as I form it, we grew up together. Through this relationship I am continuously nurtured, challenged and empowered through discovering qualities that have always been possible within me. I keep dancing because I believe this is something to be shared." 

Kaiya Jay Butler was born in Brighton, UK. She first became curious about movement by copying her mum's yoga poses . She then began dancing at the age of 4. She started her contemporary training with Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance Company and then joined the Trinity Laban CAT scheme.

She graduated from NSCD with a First Class Honours degree after working with choreographers such as Saju Hari, Imogen Reeve, Joseph Mercier and Vidya Patel. She has been so inspired by the beautiful people she has come across during her training and is excited to continue to explore and challenge her practice.