“I dance as it is the only way I can truly convey what I am thinking or feeling at any given moment. As dance is centred around human connection, it allows me to form an understanding of someone without the use of words.” 

Louis grew up in Darlington in the Northeast of England where he started training in contemporary dance. From the age of 13, he joined the Centre for Advanced Training at Dance City in Newcastle, where he developed his technique in both ballet and contemporary dance. Along side this, he completed his BTEC in contemporary dance at Dance City.

Louis has just graduated from Rambert School where they were awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Ballet and Contemporary dance. During their time at Rambert School, he worked with artists such as Ana Maria Lucaciu, Matsena Productions and New Adventures. Louis loves to explore the limits of their body through dance, pushing themselves to bring things to their practice that challenges societies ideas.