"When picturing myself in my mind I do not see my physical form, instead I see a twisted distorted thing in motion. Compiled of body parts, hair, stars, water, Earth, and ink. This is what dance feels like, I can be this thing that transforms and transcends, and I can connect to my purest sense of self."

Silas grew up in Bristol where they got most of their training with Rise Youth Dance Company, focussing on contemporary technique as well as gaining experience in other styles such as dancehall, soca, and capoeira. They moved to London to join the BA at London Contemporary Dance School. In London, they created choreographic work to be shown in rave and theatre settings, performance art work in galleries, as well as music videos and editorial shoots.

They have started working to build a collective under the name 'Pussy Boy' with their sister Delilah Grocott-Cain and other friends and collaborators.