BLOG RE-INTRO 2021 - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


1 October 2021
By Eleni Green

Hello and welcome back to Northernisms!


It’s been a shitty couple of years so I thought that, with all this energy and artistry coming back, I’d start something fresh and new and take care of the blogging space. I’m Eleni, a third-year student who still hasn’t found the perfect socks to wear for ballet or the motivation to make her hair neat. I am a self-confessed nerd; I have two donkeys and I honestly enjoy frozen peas. I love to write because sometimes it takes me a while to reflect and I find it incredibly satisfying to work out what I really wanted to say three days ago when the question was asked. this year I want to practise saying what I mean about my work and the things I love and I hope that I will be joined by others doing the same.

The blog:
This is a space to share anything formal. funny, frantic or fictional with the rest of the Northern bubble. The blog could include everything and anything: articles, interviews, poems, guides, reflections or even better, something that we haven’t yet thought of. I am especially interested in using the blog to recognize everyone at Northern as equals and as artists. (Maybe ambitious, but if it can happen anywhere, I think it’s probably here). it is open to everyone who wants to share, suggest or just try something different and it is never too late to get involved.

(But, until then, you are stuck with me)

So… here’s a little taste of what the next few months may include:

  • Why being ill is the absolute fucking worst but also kind of ok
  • Skills you probably should know that you already had
  • What it was like to work on Akram Khan’s Jungle Book R&D


  • A guide to common English quirks and sayings for international students

I am beyond excited to be writing in my last year at Northern and I already feel that a lot is about to happen.


Thanks for reading and giving me the energy to start this little project again.

Hope you enjoy

Eleni 🙂