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Voting is now closed for your new SU President

Voting closed: Midnight, Sunday 3 July. Results will be in soon!

Candidates were:

  • Emma Leah Khei
  • Mara Osorio
  • Rebecca Pegg
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All NSCD societies are run by students, for students. Joining a society is the perfect opportunity to engage with likeminded people about things that matter to you. Societies offer a chance to be more involved with activism, to make new friends, take part in events and maybe even discover new hobbies!

International Society

The International Society is for and created by international students. We offer a place to connect with other international students who share the same experience of studying abroad and are adjusting to a new culture. Our aim is for international students to have opportunities to socialise, but also to seek further support from peers if they need.

Neuro Diversity Committee

The Neurodiversity Committee aims to increase understanding around this topic; building a safe space to share, relate, and feel supported. We are keen to support the school in providing alternative ways of teaching and learning. We hope to inspire people to recognise, accept and celebrate their neurodiversity so we can work in a way that suits every individual’s needs.

People of the Global Majority (POGM)

POGM Society is a space where people of colour and supporters can gather to dissect their own lived experiences and the challenges they face. The group was initially formed by and for those who feel strongly about taking a stand against inequality and racism, and to begin to shift the narrative. We aim to provide a safe space in which people can share their views openly, without fear of repercussion, and drive change. We also aim to invite POC artists to share their practices with us and engage with our local community.

LGBTQ+ and Friends

The LGBTQ+ Society is a space that offers care, comfort, conversation and understanding. We believe queerness and the freedom it brings should be celebrated and aim to create greater visibility for everyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+. The society aims to ensure that every LGBTQIA+ voice is heard loudly and proudly through conversations within the institution and the wider arts community, be that through art, policy changes, additions to the curriculum or open discussions and forums.

Northernisms Blog

Current editor: Eleni Green, BA3

Words from the editor…

“This is a space to share anything formal, funny, frantic or fictional with the rest of the Northern bubble. The blog could include everything and anything: articles, interviews, poems, guides, reflections or even better, something that we haven’t yet thought of. I am especially interested in using the blog to recognize everyone at Northern as equals and as artists. (Maybe ambitious, but if it can happen anywhere, I think it’s probably here). It is open to everyone who wants to share, suggest or just try something different and it is never too late to get involved.”