WOBBLING – A CONVERSATION - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


11 November 2021
By Eleni Green

Wobbling is standing in a rowboat when you don’t know how to row.
Or how to be on a boat

How do you define a wobble?
I don’t know.
Ok a Wobble then. That looks different.

Wobbling is me, cycling, aged 21.

A wobble is closer to a non-psychedelic trip. An !ERROR! of the moment.
Like a jelly.
Not at all like a jelly.
What if we get used to it?
What are you saying?
What if wobbling is just when paving slabs get entertaining?
A wobble is a wiggle with less control.

Wobbling comes in many forms.
I appear to be secure because I’m wobbling so quickly.
I appear to be wobbling but it is only your eyes.

Wobbling is some suitcase wheels and most supermarket trolleys.

But there’s no hammock. There’s no sun warmed sand. It’s just a wobble without even touching the sides. A wobble in nothing. A wobble in the dark. A wobbling bridge that you aren’t sure why you walked onto.
But slightly scarier, more like a midday emergency trip to Tesco express for pesto, chocolate biscuits and orange juice.

Wobbling is the whiteboard sound.
Wobbling is a dance.

Maybe a wobble in that incessant chair thing where as soon as you relax you fall, just a little, away.
Maybe wobbling is just fat.
Fat on the move.

Wiggle instead.
Wobble away.

But how would you describe a wobble?

The Wobble Lifestyle TM :
To wobble is not to not know what you don’t normally generally believe with your whole self.
Lurch. Falter. Flounder.
That’s a bit melancholy.
That’s what I said.
Shimmy instead.

Wobble together?
And     then   my  mind   began   to    wobble.
How do you define a wobble?
I wobble when I dance.

Wobbling is trying to draw a straight line but trying a little too hard.

A wobble is the way a tired knee responds to shallow stairs.
Is this wobbling enough for a Wobble?
Wobbling looks better with knee pads.
Wobble away.
Why the orange juice?

Yeah, I know. I wobble when I walk.
Yeah, I loved that so much.