About - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Welcome from the principal, Janet Smith MBE

As Principal and Artistic Director of NSCD I have the great pleasure of watching outstanding young performers, choreographers and future dance leaders, begin their career paths and emerge into the dance industry.

Dance is transformative and at NSCD we see it changing lives. The staff and I are proud of the expressive, reflective performers, and the distinctive creative voices emerging from the school. It’s extremely rewarding to see our graduates achieving their ambitions. In so doing, many are breaking new ground. We are also very excited to see many of them interested in reaching out to help make the world a better place through dance, knowing that dance matters.

NSCD remains committed to the widening access mission of our founding Principal, the visionary and pioneering Nadine Senior MBE. Our mission is to provide inspirational learning, enabling aspiring dance artists, regardless of background, to shape the future of dance. We relish the diversity in our student body and the creativity and cultural enrichment this brings to NSCD’s community and to our lives.

Our educational approach encourages the openness and the personal growth required to become an artist. Through working together many of our students form artistic collaborations that become intrinsic to their professional careers.

We provide an inclusive learning environment and nurture a spirit of generosity in which everyone is valued. We encourage learning through ‘mistakes’ and aim to provide a safe place for students to take creative risks, to dare to be excellent and to inspire others.