A resilient future? NSCD conference 2023 - NSCD

A resilient future? NSCD Conference 2023

Call for contributions

Discourse and celebration of arts practice, research and teaching & learning in Higher Education, out of turbulent times

This conference will be held at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds on 12 & 13 January 2023.



Our call for contributions has now closed.

Northern School of Contemporary Dance is seeking contributions from artists, educators, leaders and sector policymakers for the above conference in January 2023.  We welcome submissions in the form of interactive workshops, lecture demonstrations, presentations, papers, online presentations, posters, offers of contribution to roundtable discussions, lightning talks and short performances.

Deadline for submitting proposals has now closed. Thank you to all who submitted – we will be in touch shortly!

About the conference

No more so than in recent years have the arts needed to be resilient. We do this to navigate many of the difficult scenarios we face. Out of difficulty, we have found moments of hope and opportunity. This two-day conference aims to open up the dialogue and discourse around the challenges we face and offer opportunities for individuals to have a voice, share hope and celebrate the future.

Through a myriad of activities during the two days we endeavour to:

  • Explore what really affects us the most and create safe spaces where we are mindful of the discourse in the room
  • Generate opportunities to network and connect as teachers, artists and sector leaders out of silos and isolation
  • Interact, engage and have difficult conversations (as well as easy conversations) to develop lasting positive relationships and collaborations for a resilient future
  • Explore where shared practice can give us purpose and visibility

Themed categories for submission include but are not limited to:

  • Resilience (motivator or barrier)
  • Art form and practice
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Political, social and cultural contexts around the work we do
  • A resilient being
  • Technology

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If you have any questions regarding this event or submitting a proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact Darren Carr, NSCD Vice Principal and Director of Studies.