Research - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

Research at NSCD

Research at NSCD is rooted in industry-leading professional practice and inquiry-based learning and teaching practices.  Our research strategy seeks to capitalise on the strengths of these two areas and embed practice-as-research as a foundation for all areas of the curriculum.    Staff regularly engage with research as part of teaching delivery, and this is a key feature of our strategy; fostering and building a research culture within the core curriculum and in partnership with our students.  

Many of our staff are active professionals in the creative sector as dancers, choreographers, directors, producers, composers, coaches and teachers.  We have a developing staff base of academic researchers, and a growing portfolio of public research outputs, including published scholarly work and creative/performance outcomes.  

The research interests of our staff base cover a range of areas, within three key thematic areas: Performance & Creative Practice, Teaching & Learning in Higher Education and Health & Well Being. 

Raise quality and ambition through choice of contentand dissemination.

Integrate research with teaching through our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, providing joint staff-student research and scholarly activity.

Provide our staff and students with opportunities for networking, building relationships and showcasing research process, outcomes and impact.

Seek out discipline-connected partnerships with world-leading institutions to help NSCD further develop our research quality and capability.

NSCD Research strategy 2022-2027