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About the project

Kick Off Boys Youth Dance Project started as a pilot in 2016 between Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) and Dance Action Zone Leeds (DAZL). The small-scale pilot project worked with 10 boys from varying backgrounds across Leeds. Following the pilot’s great success, in 2017 Phoenix Dance Theatre and Leeds City College also joined in partnership on the project.

Combining resources, we are now able to offer weekly classes, half-term intensives, performance opportunities and film projects. Since 2018, the Kick Off boys  have performed at:

  • NSCD’s Community Dance Platform
  • DAZL Morley Dance Show
  • Leeds City College Show
  • Phoenix Summer Youth Dance Platform
  • COLLIDE Boys Takeover Day, Leeds City Centre
  • Child Friendly Leeds Awards
  • Love Arts Festival at The Tetley

The main cohort is aged 11–18 years, with some older members from Leeds City College acting as mentors to the younger participants. Past projects include ‘Painted Faces’, a piece focusing on mental health in young males, supported by training from Space 2 Leeds. The dynamic and layered performance included live dance, film and installation. ‘#NoExit’ partnered with Health for All Leeds – Positive Futures . This dance work focused on child sexual exploitation, the four stages of grooming and how this impacts on young men and their emotional well being and resilience.


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we have suspended the course until the Spring Term 2021. If you would like to read more about our coronavirus update please click here.

If you would like to learn more about the course or register your interest in this class, please click the ‘contact us’ button below to send us an email.



Working with dance professionals you will have the opportunity to choreograph and perform at venues across Leeds, including Riley Theatre, Stanley & Audrey Burton Theatre, Leeds City College and Morley Town Hall.

"This morning, after last nights performance at NSCD, I overheard my son say, in a bright cheery voice: ‘Good morning world!’ A lovely positive start to the day and a massive turnaround for a boy who used to wake up angry most mornings. When he first started Kick Off Boys he was so thrilled and said it was the the start of his career and that he was in his first ‘company’! I am so very grateful that he has this opportunity as being part of the group is as important to him as the dancing. He feels a sense of belonging and he thrives from the mix of ages. I do think it’s really important to get boys dancing, I think the peer pressure and self-consciousness that comes with the teenage years must prevent so many boys from experiencing dance. Thank you again for offering this opportunity. We re so glad he is involved!" Parent of NSCD Saturday School & Kick Off Boys Youth Dance Project

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