New Starters 2021 Entry - Northern School of Contemporary Dance

New Starters 2021 Entry

We look forward to welcoming you to the NSCD community.

All key information will be posted here over the coming weeks and months, so please return to this page for updates.

We will email you with any critical information that requires action from you.

A safe environment to study in

On 4 May we were visited by the NHS for a COVID site inspection. This is what they had to say about our facilities:

“The Northern School of Contemporary Dance is maintained to an exceptionally high standard throughout. The school’s facilities team and other staff members have gone above and beyond in their protocols, procedures and risk assessments. This is a well-run school with motivated and friendly staff who are putting the safety of everyone in the school as a priority.

The staff should be highly commended on their efforts here…once a class has finished the floor and the studio is cleaned and disinfected before the next bubble is allowed in. Hand sanitizers, disinfectants and wipes are readily available around the school. The whole school team are making fantastic efforts to keep up to date on the latest protocols and implementing them efficiently across the school.”

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do next?

Submit your entry requirement conditions as listed in full in your offer letter, and summarised below, using the following online form:

> NSCD Entry Requirement Submissions 2021 Entry

Please submit these as soon as you are able to, although we acknowledge many of you will not receive results until July/August. As soon as we receive your entry requirement conditions we will issue your Unconditional Offer Letter.  At this stage we will also provide a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) for those who require a Student Route Visa.

    • Your Academic entry qualifications (transcript or certificate) – please use the correct box for your course/level qualifications
    • IF English is not your first language submit your English language requirements (transcript or certificate translated to English). See our Overseas Students page for our English Entry Requirements.
    • IF you will require a Student Route Visa, please submit your financial evidence that you have sufficient funds available to pay your course fees and support yourself in the UK for 1 academic year.  See NSCD-Student-Visa-Information-1.pdf

Please email us at if you have any further questions.

What is the latest information about course delivery in 2021-22?

A message from NSCD Vice Principal, Darren Carr:

I would like to take this opportunity to re-assure you and your families that NSCD is doing everything it possibly can to put the safety of our students at the heart of everything we do.

The UK is making tremendous progress with its vaccine programme. It is the UK government’s aim that by September 2021 the majority of the country will have received at least their first dose, and many of those most at risk will have had a second dose, of one of the Covid vaccines. We are working with public health authorities to follow strict guidelines which have already enabled us to open our buildings to students again from 8 March 2021.

It is our plan for the school to be open as usual in September with students and staff continuing to work together to ensure that all who enter the building are safe and comfortable.”

How do I join the New Starters Facebook Group?

We will be sending out invitations in late May or early June, or once you have accepted your place.   The main purpose of this group is to provide a link to UNIPOL, who provide accommodation information, and for you to begin to connect with one another.

When is the House Hunting Event?

Full details about finding accommodation will be provided here from early May 2021.

We anticipate providing an online presentation and Q&A in early/mid June (to be recorded and posted here for those who can’t attend).  We plan to follow this with the option to book to attend a House Hunting Event in mid/late June to visit NSCD, speak to UNIPOL and view properties.

In the meantime please visit our accommodation page here for more information.

I will be travelling to the UK from another country; what is the latest information about entering the UK?

Current regulations may change prior to your travel so you are advised to consult information provided in your current country of residence and via this link:


I will be applying for a UKVI Student Route Visa; where can I find information about visas? (Overseas students only)

For further information please see our Overseas Students page and our Student Visa Information – Step by Step Guide.

You may also wish to view:

Where can I find the information I need to apply for my Student Loan? (Home/EUSS students only)

Full details can be found by clicking on the links below.  Please see the STUDENT FINANCE section on these web pages:

If you have any questions in relation to Student Loans please contact the NSCD Finance Team at

Where can I find all the information I will need about being a student at NSCD?

All information is available in the NSCD Student Handbook  in Student Handbook & Policies

This handbook is for 2020-21 and the 2021-22 handbook will be posted at the start of your course.  We do not anticipate making any major changes to the information currently available.

What are the Term Dates for 2021-22?

2021-22 Term Dates are available under Admissions Related Documents at Student Handbook & Policies


What other information will be posted here?
  • The online Registration Form: A link to the online form will be posted here in late July/early August for you to complete and submit.
  • Enrolment Information: Enrolment will be on the first day of the term (see term dates).  We will state the requested arrival times here when confirmed.
  • Induction Week Information:  Full details of the planned events for Induction Week will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.  Induction week will take place the week that you enrol on your course.

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