Vision & Mission - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


To be a world-leading centre for dance education and development


To provide an inspirational learning experience, from first contact through into the profession, enabling aspiring dance artists, and dance professionals, regardless of background, to shape the future of dance.


We want the student’s experience to be transformative and person-centred with their identities nurtured, their voices heard and where their culture and background can be heartfully felt through their work. We want to send well-prepared graduates into industry who can encourage the sector to embrace change and celebrate the impact and value that quality dance work and education can bring to human beings and society.

Our vision is underpinned by our core values which reflects equality, diversity and inclusion from first contact, through the excellence of our educational provision, to the support we provide to our graduates and their professional development in the years ahead.

We want to develop graduates who actively seek collaboration with others. We want to encourage and celebrate a student body who will engage in knowledge exchange and work as co-authors, to develop challenging experiences and a body of work that is empowering and provides creative solutions.  Through the art form and with a dedication to social justice we encourage an openness and playfulness in artistic discourse that impacts purposefully on individuals, organisations and our global society.

Our approach to pedagogy aspires to harness and nurture creative and academic excellence, where creative innovation and curiosity sits at the heart of all that we do and through all the support and care that we give.

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We value:

  • The transformative power of dance and arts education; to uplift, inspire, stimulate our emotions and help us create a tolerant and cohesive society.
  • Inclusive learning and collaboration in a spirit of mutual respect and generosity.
  • Curiosity, self-reflection and open-mindedness
  • Creative risk-taking, innovation and investment in on-going artist and artform development
  • Aspiration, self motivation and dedication in striving for excellence
  • Diversity – our differences as well as the things that we have in common, and that diversity inspires creativity and enriches our lives
  • Our relationship to local, regional, national and international communities and the wider dance ecology
  • The nurturing and investment that leads to independence and resilience
  • Using resources in a way that is responsible and environmentally sustainable