Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) is committed to promoting sustainability. Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to all of NSCD’s professional activities and the management of the organisation. We aim to follow and promote good sustainable practice, to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities and encourage those who connect with us through these activities to do the same.

Our aims and ambitions:

  • To comply with all current and future environmental legal requirements and related codes of practice.
  • To continuously improve our environmental performance and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • To raise awareness of our Environmental Sustainability Policy amongst staff, students, partners and other stakeholders throughout NSCD.
  • To integrate sustainability considerations into our business and operating decisions.
  • To ensure that all staff and students are fully aware of our policy and are committed to implementing it at every opportunity.
  • To minimise the impact on sustainability of all core activities and related operational services including office, waste management and transportation activities.
  • To develop a purchasing policy which favours products and services which cause least harm to the environment.
  • To develop and implement efficient waste management and recycling procedures.
  • To report annually on our progress to our Board, and to continually strive to improve our sustainability.