Interview with MA Dance & Creative Enterprise student Alessandra Cali - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Friday 17th May 2019, 12:09pm Interview with MA Dance & Creative Enterprise student Alessandra Cali


With not long to go until applications close for 2019 entry to the MA Dance & Creative Enterprise, Study International caught up with current student Alessandra Cali to find out what impact studying the course has had on her dance practice and career prospects within the industry.

The MA Dance & Creative Enterprise equips dance and movement artists with the tools they need to make their choreographic ambitions a reality and thrive as an independent dance artist/producer.

What were the main factors that led you to study the MA Dance & Creative Enterprise course at Northern School of Contemporary Dance?

I wanted to shape my dance career in a new way, focusing on production for dance and performance. I needed to be involved in an environment that could help me in finding my artistic voice. I was attracted by NSCD’s international profile, high-quality preparation and the professional artistic opportunities available in Leeds.

As a course that grants the dance artists of tomorrow the tools to seize greater professional opportunities, how well do you think this MA has prepared you for a career in today’s competitive climate?

On this course I’ve had chance to frame my career, preparing my practice for future work all year-round. I’ve had the space to reflect on what I want to say through my work. Nowadays, working in the field of dance and performance, it’s important to ask: what is it you want to say, do have something to say?

The course explores arts management, funding within the arts, audience development and the development of professional practice. How have these subject areas impacted your real-world perspective and helped you to get ahead in the world of dance?

Before studying these areas, I had just a vague idea of the work that went into arts project management, fundraising for the arts and digital marketing. It’s important to have a clear understanding of arts management skills before finishing your studies because nobody is going to teach you these skills when you start working. It has made me a more conscious performer and producer in the world of performing arts.

Is there a memorable moment from your time at NSCD that has made a lasting impact on your professional journey?

For me, the most memorable moments have been when I have been appreciated as a performer and maker during assessment. It’s given me the opportunity to see myself in a new way, and a chance to go deeper into my practice as a performer and maker.

If you were to give one piece of advice to students considering applying for this course at NSCD, what would it be?

Take this opportunity to believe in yourself and create amazing works. Do it for your own career. Do it for yourself!

The MA Dance & Creative Enterprise welcomes emerging and more established dance artists, choreographers and performers. If you want to shape your future as an independent artist/producer, apply to the course by Monday 20 May.