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NSCD programmes of study are validated by the University of Kent

The academic regulations, credit framework and applicable general regulations of the University of Kent can be found at the following link: University of Kent regulations.

Reporting a concern/ microaggression

Our Concern Form is designed for anyone who engages with NSCD to provide us with feedback.

This form has been built by the Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EEDI) Committee, to provide a space for individuals to inform NSCD of any micro-aggressions they may experience, or any other feedback they wish to communicate. Micro-aggressions are subtle, often unintentional, forms of prejudice, for example an offhand comment, an inadvertently painful joke, or a pointed insult.


Admission to NSCD

In this section you will find the following policies relating to admission to a course of higher education at NSCD: 

  • NSCD Admissions Policy 
  • NSCD Admissions Appeals and Complaints Policy
  • NSCD Terms and Conditions
  • NSCD Fees & Course Deposit Policy

For information about our courses, please visit:

NSCD Admissions Policy

NSCD Admissions-Policy-2024-entry

NSCD Admissions Appeals and Complaints Policy

NSCD Admissions Appeals and Complaints Policy
Admissions Appeal/Complaint Form

Terms and Conditions

NSCD Terms & Conditions - 2024 entry
NSCD Terms and Conditions - 2023 entry
NSCD Terms and Conditions - 2022 entry

NSCD Fees Policy

Learning Culture & Student Codes

Learning Culture & Code of Conduct
E Safety and Online Policy
Acceptable use of IT Systems Policy
Recommendations for safe use of social media & online platforms

Student Handbook & Guidelines

The Student Handbook includes all the key information for students on life at Northern School of Contemporary Dance with key information on the school, student support and course information.

NSCD Student Handbook
Suicide Safer Strategy
Safe Contact Principles

The document details the principles of safe contact for staff and students at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Safe Contact Principles

Assessment Overview
Student Engagement Policy
Working with Others Handbook
Data Processing

The NSCD Privacy notices

The NSCD Privacy Notice concerning HE students is available here:

Data Schedules: Student Record Retention

Accompanying the Privacy Notice are tables (Schedules 1 and 2) outlining how Northern School of Contemporary Dance holds and processes data, including the types of data, the categories/purposes of processing, where we will share data with third parties, and the lawful bases for processing data, in accordance with Article 6 of GDPR.

Schedule 1 pertains to data which the School will process for internal requirements, to allow it to properly fulfil its obligations and functions as a Higher Education Provider.

Schedule 2 pertains to data which the School will process that is required by external parties, to allow it to properly fulfil its obligations and meet statutory and other legal requirements as a Higher Education Provider.

Disordered Eating Guidelines
Prevent Strategy

Student-Facing Policies

Criminal Records Policy

This policy sets out the circumstances in which the School would deem it necessary to
process special category criminal record data, the lawful bases and applicable schedules of
the Data Protection Act which apply when we do process this data, our mechanisms for
assessing this information and related School policies.

Emergency Powers of Suspension

Where a concern is raised relating to a student’s wellbeing and/or conduct, whether on or off School premises, which represents a potential or actual threat to the safety, security, health, wellbeing, good order, or reputation of the student, and/or of the School,  its members, an external organisation or placement provider, or members of the public, a member of staff may make a recommendation to the  CEO or the CEO’s delegate that the student should suspended.

Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Related Behaviours

Northern School of Contemporary Dance seeks to maintain an environment which is safe and conducive for all members of the school, whether students or staff, and which supports the wellbeing of all such individuals, as well as fostering the professional development of all trainees. This endeavour is supported by the Inclusive Cultures Strategy.

The NSCD Policy on Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Related Behaviours underpins and is founded upon the principles of the school,  reflecting the commitment to establishing a culture of mutual respect and support, and to ensuring a zero tolerance for sexual violence and misconduct, harassment and related behaviours.

Inclusivity Policies and Protocols

As part of the School’s Inclusive Cultures Strategy, the school is  developing a series of policies and protocol addressing a range of subjects including: gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and belief, race and ethnicity, mental health and well-being, and disability.

This is an on-going project. Additional policies and protocols will be published as they are completed. These are published on the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion page

Interruption of Studies Policy

Occasionally a student may need to take a pause in their studies due to personal or health reasons. The following policy is in place to support a student with this process. Please talk to a member of staff in Student Services for support with this process.

Interruption of Studies Policy
Interruption of Studies Form

Mental Health Charter

The University Mental Health Charter was created by thousands of staff and students to shape a future in which everyone in higher education can thrive.

​The Charter provides a set of principles to support universities across the UK in making mental health a university-wide priority. It forms the basis of the Charter Award Scheme, being developed in 2020, which will recognise and reward universities that promote good mental health and demonstrate good practice.

NSCD have used the principles of the University Mental Health Charter to develop a Charter which is more relevant to our specific institutional needs and context.

Non-Academic Misconduct Policy

Non-Academic Misconduct policy and procedures (including appendices 1 & 2)
Appendix 3 – Guidance on Hearings (General Provisions)
Appendix 4 – Template Misconduct Referral form
Appendix 5 – Preliminary Enquiry Investigation Report form
Appendix 6 – Non-Academic Misconduct Appeal Form
Appendix 7 – Summary of Procedural Timescales in policy

Refunds and Compensation Policy

The Refunds and Compensation Policy explains how Northern School will meet its obligations regarding refunds and compensation for registered students of the School, including when matters arise which trigger the Student Protection Plan.

Refunds and Compensation Policy

Student Complaints Procedure

Northern School of Contemporary Dance is committed to considering and investigating genuine complaints from students. NSCD defines a complaint as being an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more students about an action or lack of action by NSCD, which warrants a response.

This complaints procedure encompasses NSCD’s procedures for student complaints.

Student Complaints Policy and Procedure
Student Complaint Form
Student Group Complaint Form

Student Protection Plan

As a registered higher education provider, NSCD is required by the Office for Students (OfS) to publish a Student Protection Plan (SPP) that sets out the steps that will be taken by the school to protect students in circumstances that might lead to the discontinuation of their programme of study.  Possible scenarios that might result in the discontinuation of students’ programmes of study, and the steps that would be taken in such situations, are set out in the Student Protection Plan below.

For further information, please see also the Refunds and Compensation Policy.

Student Protection Plan

Student Transfer Arrangements

Student Transfer Arrangements Statement

Support Through Studies

Support Through Studies refers to your ability to engage positively and fully with your programme of study and to fulfil the expectations of the course, designed to support the needs of students.

Support Through Studies is not about your academic or professional ability.  It is about having supportive procedures which can be used by staff when a student’s health, well-being and/or behaviour is, or appears to be at risk of, having a detrimental impact upon their studies and/or ability to cope with student life.

Support Through Studies policy and procedure and Appendix 1
Appendix 2 Support Through Studies Cause for Concern Form
Appendix 3 Support Through Studies Appeal Form
Appendix 4 Support Through Studies Risk Assessment
Appendix 5 Support Through Studies Template Action Plan
Appendix 6 Support Through Studies Procedural Flowchart