NSCD Alumna Shelley Eva Haden co-creates "Swan Lake Bath Ballet"


Friday 7th August 2020, 8:58am NSCD Alumna Shelley Eva Haden co-creates “Swan Lake Bath Ballet”


Part of BBC's Culture in Quarantine series, Swan Lake Bath Ballet assembled 27 elite dancers from dance companies across the world to recreate the famous ballet from their bathtubs. NSCD alumna Shelley Eva Haden co-choreographed the work and performs in the short film created and directed by award-winning choreographer Corey Baker.

Baker directed the film from the UK during lockdown while the dancers, based in South Africa, America, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, used scooters, books and even toilet plungers to stabilise their cameras.

Shelley said "I was thrilled to be on the movement team, curating and teaching material for the work, all virtually from home in our tubs".

Shelley graduated from NSCD in 2014 with a BPA, and her solo choreography Silver Shelter is still studied on the Performance Practice module. She has since toured internationally with artists including Sam Amos, Jamaal Burkmar, Gary Clarke, Rhiannon Faith, Tamsin Fitzgerald and Rosie Kay, and was nominated for the National Dance Awards' "Outstanding Female Performer" in 2018.

Swan Lake Bath Ballet is just one in a series of new dance, literary, musical and visual pieces commissioned by BBC Arts for 'Filmed in Lockdown'. To watch the performance on iPlayer, click here