NSCD student Jemma Stein shares lockdown dance film


Friday 7th August 2020, 8:25am NSCD student Jemma Stein shares lockdown dance film


Second year BA student Jemma Stein has brought together a group of 33 dancers from across the globe to perform in a new original dance film, entitled Project C. Created as part of her course, the project's aim was to encourage people to connect with others during lockdown, despite the distance separating them.

The film features notable names including choreographer Theo Clinkard and BalletLorent company dancer John Kendall, as well as NSCD alumni Alethia Antonia (FCCD & VERVE), Shannon Dray (BA), Rachel Sullivan (BA & PPS) and Jenna Anne Nathan (BA). The work also includes current NSCD students Amber Bosteels, Euan Stephen, Cora Hughes, Kieron Faller, Mia Bradley-Evans, Nora Aas, Sylvie Holder, Tammy Tsang, Jordan Sheard and James Mounsey.

Speaking to the Evening Express, Jemma explained her inspiration: "I've been really lucky to have had the chance to tour the world for dancing. When we went into lockdown I wanted to find a way to connect with my friends who were also going through the same thing."

The film slices together clips of the dancers performing in their bedrooms, kitchens and gardens, from locations across the UK as well as Australia, Belgium, France and Norway.

At the start of the process, Jemma gave prompting questions and materials to each dancer, who would respond with a video of them dancing. Jemma then sent these solos on to other participants to discuss, enabling a form of collaboration even though the dancers had never met in person. Jemma says: “I wanted to make the video as if we were all in the studio together, in the hope that maybe one day we will all be able to meet up in person and create an actual performance.”

Jemma realised that the project had been an excellent way to introduce and connect dancers who share a passion, but who hadn’t yet met each other. At the end of the film, we see all the participants, who were once strangers, wave and smile at each other over Zoom. She says that it felt “special” and “emotional” to be making the project during lockdown, and is glad that the moment was captured.

Jemma trained at Taylor School of Dance in Milltimber and the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, before starting the BA (Hons) programme at NSCD.