Monday 18th July 2022, 8:21pm Ballet at NSCD is here to stay


Here at Northern School of Contemporary Dance we believe in widening access and opportunity for young aspiring dancers.

We want to attract students from as broad and diverse a range of backgrounds as possible. We welcome those with ballet training but recognise that not everyone who might want to come to the School has had the opportunity to learn ballet. We will therefore no longer be assessing a candidate's ability in ballet as a component of the audition for our undergraduate degree programmes.

Our audition process is designed to assess a student’s potential to benefit from our programmes. Following the ethos of our founding Principal, Nadine Senior MBE, we aim to identify those whose primary form of expression is movement, and offer them a rigorous, inspiring and valuable dance education.

Whilst ballet will not form part of our undergraduate auditions, our students will be expected to learn ballet during their studies at the School. Ballet is an integral part of our curriculum and training, as we recognise how much ballet can contribute to our students’ physical, creative and technical development.

Northern School of Contemporary Dance is and will always be supportive of colleagues and practitioners in the classical sector. We recognise that many have done incredible things in their own institutions to drive change forward and move with the times.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and inspiring dance education that ensures our students are versatile and can enjoy sustainable careers. We continue to listen to our students; their needs, and ideas.​