NSCD alumni at Resolution Festival 2020


Thursday 9th January 2020, 12:25pm Alumni at Resolution Festival 2020

Aize Balagan by Bar Groisman, © Jane Hobson

Several NSCD alumni are set to perform in works and stage original choreography as part of The Place's annual Resolution Festival this year. Graduates Emma Hopley (BPA 2018) and Hannah Barron (BPA 2013) have also been selected as Emerging Critics on the Resolution Reviews scheme, reviewing performances across the programme. Read on for more...

Jacob Elliott Roberts / Petri Delights / Luke Birch
Tuesday 14 January, 7.30pm

Maya Carroll (BPA 2018, VERVE 19) performs in Plate o1, an uncanny debut by multi-disciplinary group Petri Delights. Take a close look into the world of kinetic sculpture as a Petri dish comes to life –  with body extension, bacteria and the bizarre.

On the same evening, Natasha Arcoleo (BPA 2018) joins the cast of Jacob Elliott Roberts’ Green Mother. Based on an original short story and accompanied by ancient Swedish herding calls, it’s a delicate and thought-provoking work encapsulating the blaze of the Arctic sun, the rage of the ocean and the vastness of space.

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Company Concentric / Matter of Fact / Dominic Harrison & Nathan Cornwell
Tuesday 28 January, 7.30pm

Alumni group Matter of Fact will perform duet Era We Are, choreographed by Erin Pollitt (BPA 2017) and performed by Daisy Howell (BPA 2017, VERVE 18) and Fanny Pouillot (BPA 2017).

Your favourite 80’s music. Funny, quirky and frankly sassy dancers. This new duet is an honest and thoroughly entertaining portrayal of how society today has a profound effect on our minds, bodies and souls. What does it look like to rebel?

Anthony Briggs, CEO and Co-Artistic Director of Ludus Dance, called the work “a shining example of how contemporary dance artists are getting it right” with “slick choreography, fresh (and funny) content and a high level of technical prowess”.

Matter of Fact rehearsing Era We Are by Erin Pollitt, © Phil Curry & Aaron Howell

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Farrell Cox / Sababa Bar Company / Luigi & Kashish Dance
Wednesday 12 February, 7.30pm

On Wednesday 12 February Sababa Bar Company, an all-female group led by alumna Bar Groisman (BA 2019), will stage Aize Balagan at The Place. Bar created the work while studying at NSCD, and it was first performed at NSCD’s pop-up festival Flock Fest in 2019.

Witty and surprising, Aize Balagan delves into the struggle of an ending relationship, and examines the shifting emotional states during this time of upheaval. Join the four dancers as they walk an awkward path…Take a moment, get comfortable and make sure your waistcoat is buttoned up symmetrically.

Aize Balagan brings together current NSCD students Shannon Dray, Fay Reilly, Rose Lewis and Polly Constance, with lighting design by alumna Abigayle Louise Holt (BA 2019).

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