Wednesday 28th June 2017, 10:49am NSCD joins Arts Council England’s National Portfolio

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our application to become an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation 2018-22.

The funding will enable NSCD to deliver three strands of activity over the next four years- a high quality annual programme of performances at Riley Theatre, our own performance venue, a strategic artist development programme and continued delivery of Children and Young People’s Dance Network in the North.

NSCD Principal, Janet Smith MBE said:

‘I’m delighted by this sea change opportunity for Northern School of Contemporary Dance and the communities we serve, and am excited about the future impact and contribution we can make in Leeds and for the wider region through this wonderful recognition and support from Arts Council England.

We will aim to maximise the wider impact of NSCD’s distinctive artistic offer through a programme of genuine ambition that reflects our diverse society, and make a greater contribution to helping young people discover, forge and sustain career paths through and within dance in the North.

As an NPO we can also make a stronger contribution to collaborative leadership and cultural provision with our partners in the region and beyond.’