NSCD on Light Night 2015 - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Friday 2nd October 2015, 9:57pm NSCD on Light Night 2015

Friday 9th October 2015, 6:00pm-11:00pm
Light Night is an annual multi-arts and light festival which takes over Leeds City Centre on one Friday night every October. It’s an amazing and unique opportunity to explore Leeds and the art it has to offer. This year Light Night is celebrating their 11th annual festival. Here are a few events involving some familiar faces from NSCD:

James Rosental – Lifeline
Main Theatre, Carriageworks Theatre, Millennium Square, LS2 3AD
6:00pm-11:00pm (every hour on the half hour)


NSCD’s very own student James Rosental makes his choreography debut with his work Lifeline. This short piece of gripping aerial dance theatre takes the plunge into a forbidden world. Seven women, thriving to survive, are challenged by humanity as they soon come to realise only two lifelines are placed in front of them. An intriguing atmosphere, driving musical score and visual aesthetic combines James’s personal choreographic style alongside integrative and stunning aerial work. Here is what James had to say about what to expect:

– What inspires you about Light?
The real question is what inspires me about darkness… I like to create work that has a sense mister, something that doesn’t quite give everything away, you have to search a little to find all the answers. ‘LifeLine’ delves into a dark forbidden world that is driven by light, choreography and musical accompaniment. Light plays a fundemental role in my work it guides the audience whilst also giving the audience the chance explore the world themselves.

– What are you most looking forward to this Light Night?
I am really looking forward to showcasing this new and exciting work for its first public premiere. I am honoured to be sharing my work with new audiences on such a night thats packed full of many other inspiring professional artists.

– How would you describe your work? What do you have in store for your audience this Light Night?
Dramatic. Evoking. Breathtaking.
My work proposes many possible questions but its up to you to find the answers. It is important to me as an artist that my work is accessible to all, no matter who is viewing the work or whether it is for the first time, it will embed a connection deep within them, give them something to think about and a treasured memory to take away. I feel that this work in particular has ‘something for everyone’ and no matter whether the audience are viewing dance for the first time or not they will be able to fully engage with a work that is full of daring aesthetics and visually breathtaking to watch.

Part of the SHINE emerging artist programme.
Barnaby Booth – How to Read a Dark Screen
Main Theatre, Carriageworks Theatre, Millennium Square, LS2 3AD
6:00 –11:00pm (every hour on the hour)


NSCD graduate Barnaby Booth also showcases his work How to Read a Dark Screen at Carriageworks Theatre. Six skilled dancers dart between the shadows in a performance where what is not seen is as important as what is. How to Read a Dark Screen uses a single torch in a dark space to look at the power of the dark. Sometimes calming and sometimes uneasy, this piece focuses on the sensation of being alone.
Part of the SHINE emerging artist programme.

Bish Bash Bosh
Yorkshire Dance, 3 St Peter’s Square LS9 8AH 5:00-11:00pm


Current students Lia Ujčeč and Natalie Dodd are performing work by Douglas Thorpe as part of BISH BASH BOSH. A highlight in their annual calendar, the Friday First event for Light Night sees the whole of the Yorkshire Dance building open, hosting a variety of exciting and interesting performances and installations. 5 – 7pm is family-focused including performances from the Street Crew and music from up and coming DJs. From 7.30pm expect an evening of eclectic, high quality dance, live art, theatre, music and film.