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back to the fuchsia iii: fade to black

Wednesday 15th May 2024 - Saturday 18th May 2024
CLAY (Centre for Live Art Yorkshire)

One final chance to experience the sensory overload that is Back to the Fuchsia. Immerse yourself in a performance that revives the hyperreal: a copy of a copy of a copy in which the original has been lost... or never existed to begin with. A disco fever dream, where anything can happen and nothing is real. But it is real. Right?

This is an interactive performance, in which audiences can choose their level of engagement and opt-out at any time. Co-created by guest artist Imogen Reeve (Excessive Human Collective) with NSCD Lecturer Joseph Mercier, and performed by final year BA (Hons) students from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Tickets on sale soon.