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undercurrent online
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Friday 3rd July 2020 - Saturday 4th July 2020

Times: 6.30pm - 8pm Friday, 11.30am - 2pm Saturday

Performance art that tears up the rule book. UNDERCURRENT brings unorthodox work straight to your desktop.

These free online performances, hosted on Zoom, invite you to drop in as you please, giving you chance to catch as much of the action as possible across the two days.

Touching on a host of extremely current topics, NSCD second-year BA (Hons) students present an irreverent,  subversive take on today’s social and political climate.

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All works are rated 16+, with some sensitive and adult content

About the works

The Boy with the Beer Keg by Bukkene Bruse

Friday 3 July, 6.30pm

Based on a Norwegian fairytale, this performance takes you on a journey of self-discovery. This is the story of a boy who’s faced with a dilemma: running away from his struggles or standing up for his choices. This is a children’s show for grown-ups.

The REAL REAL Show by The Flour Puff Girls

Friday 3 July, 6.45pm

The year is 2084. Two celebrities are invited to market their products on a popular online chat show. The scandals of modern industry – mass production and consumerism, untruthful advertisements – are nothing to be ashamed of. It’s important to exploit raw materials and your workers: the faster, the cheaper, the better!

Mock the World

Friday 3 July, 7.05pm

The world mocks us. So let’s mock the world. Join us for the world premiere of the panel show, where two teams battle it out to see who can change negativity into positivity. Join us as we discuss, debate, and laugh at today’s political news, and see which team ends up on top!

Contains strong language, sensitive topics, alcohol consumption

United Nations: Breaking News by Make the World Great Again

Friday 3 July, 7.30pm

The United Nations has discovered a peaceful, equal society that’s been coexisting within our hectic world. In this UN meeting, American, English and Spanish representatives react to this new-found community: is it a political utopia, or a threat to our world?

Contains some strong language

BAN(ne)D by 3 Blind Mice

Friday 3 July, 7.45pm

“Why do you even need a description? You do know no-one reads that s*** right? Just turn up, watch us, and f*****g relax. Stop being such rule-abiding b******s.”

Contains strong language


Saturday 4 July, 11.30am

Less Than a Minute is an independent news station. We bring you all the latest stories, live, on Channel Zoom. Watch from the comfort of your home, whether or not you have Covid-19, or if you decide stay alert, don’t stay alert, go to work, don’t go to work, control the virus, oh don’t control the virus. (Disclaimer: some stories have been altered for entertainment purposes.)

Contains strong language

Knead Dough, Not Men by Feminine Ties

Saturday 4 July, 11.45pm

Five women, all in their kitchens (no, this wasn’t directed by a man) discuss the fine line between objectification and liberation. What does it FEEL like to be a woman? Through a podcast-like lens, the women share their own experience of sexualisation, prejudices and double standards.

Contains swearing, mild nudity. Some topics may be unsuitable for younger audiences.

A is for Average by SKORE

Saturday 4 July, 12pm

Dripping with sarcasm and full of short, funny skits, A is for Average explores the complexity of being female in Asian culture. The performance demonstrates the tricky balance between holding onto your beliefs and finding your own identity.

Contains strong language, swearing and mild nudity

Free Delivery by Dangerous People Teaching Your Kids

Saturday 4 July, 12.30pm

A group of housemates attempt to qualify for free delivery on an Amazon order, adding more and more ridiculous items to their cart, in this exploration of excessive casual consumerism.

Contains some strong language

Makeover Nation by Section 5

Saturday 4 July, 12.45pm

Section 5 welcomes you to the bizarre, distorted world of the makeover. In this unsettling piece, the performers demonstrate how looks and appearance are warped by TV and movies, and present a manifesto on makeover culture.

Contains strong language

Visiting Hours

Saturday 4 July, 1pm

Does the punishment fit the crime, or does it fit the person? We know our prison population is ninety-five percent male. What we don’t know is why. This work was created as a space to explore gender disparity within law enforcement.

Contains references to physical violence

A cup of blissful ignorance by Checkmates

Saturday 4 July, 1.30pm

Fancy a cuppa? Now we’re talking. We believe honestea is the best policy. So why can’t we all just get oolong? After all, it’s just a brew, what harm can it do? That roar of the kettle, the first sip… like a warm embrace from an old friend, it lures you in, it makes you forget. Not a care in the world! That’s the best way to live. Right?

Contains some sensitive language

A Table for Six

Saturday 4 July, 1.45pm

A live-streamed, virtual journey into the fight against a virus that has been around much longer than Covid-19: racism. Recently, many people have been encouraged to speak up – let’s not stop there. A Table for Six explores just a few of the stepping stones from performativity to action.

Contains some sensitive language and adult themes