BA (Hons) in Dance (Contemporary)


Why did you decide to study contemporary dance?

When I was about 10, an alumnus from my dance school back home returned after studying contemporary dance to perform in our show- I was completely drawn in. On seeing Cedar Lake Contemporary Dance later, I didn’t look back- the honesty, artistry and athleticism I observed appealed to me more than any style of dance I had been aware of before.


What do you enjoy about training in Leeds at NSCD?

Leeds has always been my closest city, and I love the diversity of shopping, arts, culture and heritage it has to offer.
One of the best things about living in Leeds is the opportunities to watch quality dance at a very reasonable price at the Riley Theatre, Yorkshire Dance, the Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre and the West Yorkshire Playhouse.
The town centre is close to NSCD, a buzzing centre providing a range of leisure and work opportunities.

What is life as a dance student like?

A dance degree is intense! We are in college training all day most days and often have many rehearsals and assignments to complete on evenings and weekends. The atmosphere created in these classes by the enthusiasm and energy of teachers and students is fantastic and day to day it is enjoyable. One of the things I am impressed with at NSCD is the variety of modules within our timetable- from technique to choreography, from discovering different art forms to creating our own work.


What are the highlights of your time at NSCD so far?

Performance is always a highlight as a dancer- and the rehearsal periods, where a professional choreographer (for me Anna Williams and then Gavin Coward) works intensely with us for 5 weeks to create a piece together before a performance.
This year I have also really enjoyed having the time and space to explore my own interests in dancefilm and feminism as part of my research and development projects- working with my peers and tutors was great.

What are your career goals?

To dance professionally in a range of projects, I am unsure yet what direction these will take- but to perform is my biggest goal. Then to have a hand in creating work that has an impact on the arts scene and inspires other people to be creative is also a goal of mine.

What advice would you give to people thinking of studying contemporary dance?

Go for it! It was the best decision I made- if it feels right and if you’re passionate about it you won’t regret it. Sure, it isn’t easy and you shouldn’t pursue it if you don’t really love it, but if it’s what makes you happy, wouldn’t it be great to spread that happiness within a community and society?