BA (Hons) in Dance (Contemporary)

Why did you decide to study contemporary dance?       

Contemporary dance offers a certain expression for me that I struggled to feel in other dance forms, it is limitless and extremely versatile. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom of artistry and expression.

What do you enjoy about training in Leeds at NSCD?    

I enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people, eager to learn, grow and improve. Artists who are able to inspire me every day. Leeds is a fantastic city, full of Art and expression, with something around every corner.

What is life as a dance student like?     

In all honesty, life as a dance student is very intense. But the hunger to learn and grow, the inspiration and aspirations push you to reach your very best, physically and artistically. Your body will ache, but bruises fade and things you learn will stay with you.

What are the highlights of your time at NSCD so far?    

A highlight for me at NSCD was the first time I performed on the Riley Theatre stage in Anna Williams’ piece entitled ‘This must be the place’. As I did not have much contemporary training before I began at Northern I had never had a chance to perform the genre on stage.

What are your career goals?      

I aim to be an ever-changing and versatile artist. I would love to be a Company Dancer with many different companies such as NDT2, Ultima Vez, Ballet Boyz and plenty more. I would also love to continue to create and grow with my own work.

What advice would you give to people thinking of studying contemporary dance?        

Don’t hesitate and listen to your instinct. The training itself many be challenging but the amount you will grow as a person, artist and individual is something that you can’t comprehend.