Fernanda Prata - Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Curriculum Lead MA Interdisciplinary Dance Performance

PhD in Performance (in completion)
MA in Contemporary Dance

Additional qualifications:

Yoga Instructor 200 hrs certificate credited by Yoga Alliance. UK
Yoga Therapist certificate by Yoga Campus. UK
Yoga Nidra certificate by Sitaram. UK
Diploma in Theatre Arts via CAL. R.J, Brazil

Role and responsibilities:

  • Course leader for the MA Interdisciplinary Dance Performance
  • Module Leader for MA Creative Practices
  • Module Leader MA Devising and Collaboration
  • Module Leader MA Modes of Performance
  • Teaching and Lecturer for Professional Practice Project & Research Project

Who am I?

“I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – the land of sunshine and carnival. When I was a child I wanted to join the circus and be a magician’s assistant, which led me to study dance and theatre. They became passions of mine and I have been immersed in this world since securing my first professional work in Brazil at 17 years old.

As a mother of a little cheeky boy, I juggle being an artist, educator, mum, and partner. I love cinema, music and enjoy spending my holidays lying down on a beach doing nothing!

I am constantly looking for new things to do, new adventures. I seek knowledge, new experiences and most importantly to collaborate with people and enjoy life”

Career History

Fernanda is an Interdisciplinary artist who has worked across theatre and dance for over 20 years. She has collaborated with many Brazilian and UK companies – her main collaboration being with the immersive theatre company Punchdrunk, working as Assistant Director and Performer for over 14 years, reating and performing the shows Faust, Masque of Red Death, Duchess of Malfi, Sleep no More and The Drowned Man.

She also has worked in collaboration with Jasmin Vardimon, Protein Dance, Vincent Dance Theatre, Stan Won’t Dance, and Theatre Rites.

Theatre works include Midsummer Night’s Dream for The Globe Theatre, directed by Lucy Bailey; Every Good Boy Deserves Favour for the London National Theatre, directed by Tom Morris; and The Beggars Opera for Regents Park Theatre, directed by Lucy Bailey. Selected Choreographic works include ‘Kroppen Min’ for Stavanger University, ‘Nos’ commissioned by Horniman Museum and Gardens, ‘Midsummers Night Dream’ for Karamel Club Theatre in London, An Open Book for Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Urinetown for Mountview Academy directed by Josh Seymour.

Currently, Fernanda is a PhD researcher at De Montfort University, after being awarded with a full scholarship. Her research title stands as, Entre: Anthropophagic Actions Towards Contemporary Dance Training — Approaches for Movement Devising. She is developing a practice situated within transdisciplinary studies looking at dance and theatre practices focusing on the action of devouring the many influences and approaches a performer encounters to ultimately cannibalise themselves as a way to enrich the dancer’s movement-devising vocabulary.

Professional activity

Fernanda joined NSCD as a lecturer in performance since 2017, alongside her career as performer, choreographer and director.

Research interests

  • Performance Practice
  • Autoethnography and autobiography
  • Interdisciplinarity: dance, theatre and music
  • Immersive theatre and sensorial experiences
  • Performance art & audience participation

Performance and research artefacts

Prata, F (chor) (2022) (I’m)print. Choreography for BA2 NSCD, Leeds

Prata, F (chor) (2020) Slot Project. Choreography for BA3 NSCD, Leeds.

Prata, F (chor) (2020) Kroppen Min. Choreography for graduation Stavenger University, NO

Prata, F (chor) (2018) An Open Book. Choreography for BA3 NSCD, Leeds. U.K

Seymour, J (dir) (2017) Urinetown: The Musical. Movement Direction and choreography by Fernanda Prata. The Pleasance Theatre, Islington.

Allum, D (2017) Carmen. Company Romany Theatre. Movement Direction and Choreography for R&D by Fernanda Prata. The Junction Theatre, Cambridge

Grihault, S (2017) Midsummer Nights Dream. Movement Direction and Choreography by Fernanda Prata. Caramel Theatre. Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

Prata, F (chor.) NÓS (2016). Commission by The Horniman Museum & Gardens

Prata, F (chor.) (2016) I Will Do All That Again. Choreography for 3rd years LCDS, BA Programme

Prata, F (chor.) (2016) Pororoca. Choreography for Trinity Laban CAT Programme

CULT (2016) A performance project commissioned by Selfridges, curated by Wayne McGregor.

Prata, F (chor.) (2016) Family Portraits/Living. Choreography for Mountview Academy of Arts, London, UK

Prata, F (chor.) (2015) Never Look Back. Choreography for The Place CAT Programme.
London, UK

Prata, F (chor and movement dir.) (2014) NYDT. Movement Director.
London, UK

Barrett, F & Doyle, M (dir) (2013) The Drowned Man. Assistant Director, Rehearsal Director & Choreographer Associate. Punchdrunk. London, UK