Discover! Creative Careers Week 2023

To mark national Discover! Creative Careers Week 2023 we spoke to 5 NSCD alumni, each with a very different career journey and different experiences to share. Scroll down to hear directly from each of them.

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In conversation with Max Revell

Our final interview is with 2021 graduate Max Revell. Whilst on tour in North America, Max speaks to Sharon Watson about his dance journey so far. From his background in street dance styles to winning BBC Young Dancer in his second year at NSCD, navigating training throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, to going on to join Akram Khan Company after graduating from NSCD’s postgraduate company VERVE.

In conversation with Charlotte Darbyshire

Hear from former Co-Artistic Director of Candoco Dance Company, Charlotte Darbyshire, as she speaks to Sharon Watson about her career journey so far.

Charlotte looks back to the time when Candoco was first founded, and how the networks she made at the school have been instrumental in her career.

Alumni interview with Benji Reid

Artist and photographer Benji Reid studied at NSCD from 1986 to 1989. Benji tells us about how his time at NSCD changed his perspectives on creativity and how his mindset towards his work has been informed by his training.

He coined the term “Choreo-photolist” to describe his unique creative practice, which seamlessly merges theatre and choreography into his photography.

Alumni interview with Louisa Keohane

We caught up with 2005 graduate Louisa Keohane about her career journey to becoming Head of a Performing Arts Department and Dance Teacher. Louisa tells us about her time on the BA and MA Professional Placement Scheme at NSCD, and how she has carried the skills and the networks she developed at the school with her throughout her career.

In conversation with Ira Mandela Siobhan

Hear more from 2007 graduate Ira Mandela Siobhan as he speaks with NSCD‘s CEO & Principal Sharon Watson MBE. From going on to perform with dance theatre company DV8 to acting in live theatre and film including Barbie (2023), Ira tells us how his time at NSCD has helped to shape his career and inform his creative practice.